Cheese From the Trees

Cheese From the Trees

PicMonkey Collage.jpgI was so delighted to learn that Dr. Cow, delicious vegan cheesemakers, had opened up the front of their production space, creating the area’s first specialty vegan cheese shop. With cheese from the trees on the rise, it is a delight to visit and chat with the sweet Ms. Dr. Cow… and to sample their amazing raw vegan treats.

DSC_0001This is more than cheese, folks. The small and intimate shop was filled with handmade sweet delights like pies, cookies, and tiramisu. They’ve got a stock of like-minded groceries from like-minded companies.

DSC_0003But of course, there is the cheese. Stock up on all your Dr. Cow faves, as well as specialty cheeses with unique flavor combinations. I got the beet-infused cashew cheese… because I’m obsessed with beet.

DSC_0005But everything in the store is gorgeously appetizing, right down to these adorable sandwich cookies. An all-vegan sweet and cheese shop?! Thanks, Brooklyn.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpgMy creamy and decadent raw lime tart. And, I forgot, chocolates and truffles. Stop by and support Dr. Cow right across from the Williamsburg Bridge. It is a very exciting addition to New York City’s vegan offerings!