Chili & Cupcakes

Chili & Cupcakes

DSC_0005Three bean and three pepper chili improves a dreary winter day.

DSC_0032Sneaking in salba (and its extraordinary nutritiousness) as an egg replacer, this scallion cornbread’s subtle sweetness balances the heat of the chili.

DSC_0039A winter load of chili. Not much beats a hot bowl of chili when toes are cold. One of my favorite tastes is the coriander. Chili powder, coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper…

DSC_0040Assorted chopped bulbs crunch up the texture.

DSC_0019And for dessert for my lunch: a half batch of golden vanilla cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. Perfect! Am I kooky for requiring lunch desserts during the week? Didn’t think so.

DSC_0014I’ve discovered another vegan sprinkle! Wilton’s jumbo nonpareils, which aren’t really nonpareils, are little colorful and crunchy candy toppers free of carmine and confectioners glaze, or other aliases of these ingredients.

DSC_0023Here is one all dressed up.

DSC_0028Hello, pretty. Happy Monday!