Chili For Chilly Nights

Chili For Chilly Nights

In these frigid days and nights, a coveted sunspot is boardwalk real estate. To Frankenstein, a concentrated dose of sun is well worth a bit of awkward positioning. IMG_4763

It’s chili weather once again! These cold days have me craving a big bowl of hearty chili with a nice kick of heat. Bell peppers, sweet peppers, and jalapeno? This was going to take a lot of prep time.IMG_4755

Do mix the colors.IMG_4759

And top with some freshness. Green onions, because lots of white onions just ain’t enough. And cilantro. Add homemade cornbread with a big fat slice of jalapeno with the seeds baked right on top. IMG_4805

The cold morning had the Big Galoot returning a week after his disappearance. We feared the worst, the harsh circle of life for homeless cats. It was a shock to see him yelping on the driveway. Oh, what adventures he must of had.IMG_4813