Chili is Appropriate Again!

Chili is Appropriate Again!

I have been thinking about a big bowl of chili since the first shivers of an always-short autumn. A big bowl of chili makes weekday lunch easy. And it gets better with every passing day.

Chili is quite the texture-fest… 

I gave the Follow Your Heart‘s sour cream because I got lazy.  It’s cold and white and wet. But next time I won’t be messing with hearty goodness. 

My corn bread muffins were a bit overcooked and way too salty. My bad. I halved every ingredient but the salt. 

Oh and-Food For Lovers‘ Queso is pretty darn good. It’s like 20 calories a serving and doesn’t need chemical ingredients to be fat free. I wanted to do more with my jar but I wound up devouring accompanied only by some tortillas.