Chocolate Avocado Cake

Chocolate Avocado Cake

When I saw this, I knew I’d be scooping out pale green goodness and pairing it with chocolate for my main wo-man’s {CP} birthday cake. Gosh heck, I just love avocado. The Alligator Pear. I’d eat that green meat here. I’d eat it there. On a chair. With a hare. Or, of course, mashed and inside a chocolate cake… and beat into icing.

Ah, mash good.

I have had this container of supermarket cocoa for a long time.  Deep, dark Dutch cocoas have been used while this light brown stuff watches on. I need to use it up once and for all and never skimp on this important ingredient again.

I was worried about the icing, but it was marvelous.

Just a gorgeous natural hue–beat avocado, lemon juice and a pound of sugar. I would like to try this icing with mango.

Be forewarned: let the cake cool thoroughly before icing cake and taking a car service to the other side of Brooklyn. Continental drift occurs.