Chocolate Makes Things Better.

Chocolate Makes Things Better.

As I go on the 5th day without power, I’ll bring you a sweet picture spread of a recent VeganEssentials‘ order: a box of vegan chocolates from Sjaak’s, a worldly chocolatier specializing in vegan organic fine chocolates. It arrived early Tuesday, quite suprisingly, as I hunted down an open grocery store after the storm. I was able to munch on these fine chocolates in the dark days that followed.

The assortment had ‘box-of-chocolates’ favorites like raspberry truffle, peanut caramel, coffee caramel, vanilla soft caramel, and almond butter.

Blogging makes everything seem back to normal. My numb toes disagree.

Sjaak’s caramel was good. Stuck to my teeth a bit. It most certainly would have a better texture had it been at room temperature, which is kind of hard to find.

This one was my favorite. It tasted a bit like a 3 Muskateers. I wish the box of chocolates had a key.

I also tried Sjaak’s Eli’s Earth Bar Dream Big Bar, their big candy bar treats: caramel, peanuts, peanut butter.

The non-dairy milk chocolate gave the bar a waxy, cheap processed chocolate bar-look. But I think that is the point?

It tasted like a Snickers, I thought. More so than Go Max Go‘s Jokerz.

More of my VeganEssentials order is to come.. stay tuned. If you have power!