Chocolate / Spice

Chocolate  /  Spice

Guittard‘s Cocoa Rouge is a wonderful red Dutch processed cocoa powder, the first in my quest of finding a go-to cocoa powder. IMG_5666

The reddish brown is Earthy and clay-like.IMG_5669

The deep brown chocolate cake boasts the cocoa’s richness. Those light chocolate smears are melted chocolate chunks.IMG_5671

Once the cake is ganache-ed up, it was ready for stacking and a photograph.IMG_5683

Can you judge an Indian restaurant on their samosas? Yes. At Raagini, they’re perfect. It’s all about flaky, not too greasy, a light dusting of Kala Namak.IMG_5663

The first week back to work after a week off requires a hearty lunch. I whipped up a batch of spicy vegan chili on the gorgeous, new range. IMG_5687

Leftover rice from my Indian, leftover tofu sour cream from my New Years quiche and lunch was ready to go.  IMG_5693