Coconut Hide

Coconut Hide

How beautiful, a coconut. In each part and in all its forms.

The meat of a coconut–rich, buttery in a way that no other plant food is. And what a wonderful idea to make jerky from that hearty, nutrient-packed coconut flesh. Thankfully CocoBurg, a Brooklyn-based maker of three varieties of raw, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, Paleo coconut jerky, already perfected it. I was lucky enough to sample the original, ginger teriyaki, and chili lime coconut hides.


The original flavor was where I started. Delicious: salty, peppery, just enough chew… CocoBurg catches something primal in these strips, with varied widths and curling edges. I feel like a coconut hunter. I guess its the Paleo thing.

Next, the chili lime. I was worried that the different flavor would mean simply a different seasoning. But this chili lime kick penetrated the coconut jerky throughout. DSC_0013

The ginger teriyaki is my absolute fave of the three. This coconut jerky packed a huge punch of vibrant flavor. Though I know the texture of jerky is part of the pleasure, I may give in to the urge to finely dice a strip or two to wake up a variety of sleeping foods.DSC_0012

Coconut jerky in all its glory. Thanks, CocoBurg!