Connect the Dots, La La La

Connect the Dots, La La La

Today starts my independent travels. After a few errands in Bangkok, I am eastward-bound towards the Chonburi province to the secluded beach of Bang Saen, home of the Wat Saen Suk, before settling somewhere for the night in the thriving beach town of Pattaya.

Looking onward, my plans are very ambitious and span as far North as the Golden Triangle, the meeting of the Thailand, Laos and Myanmar borders, as far East as the Angkor Wat in Cambodia and as far South as the tropical paradise of Phuket and its surrounding islands.

I’ve only booked one domestic flight and that is from Bangkok to Phuket, turning a 13-hour bus ride into a 1-hour flight for the price of $100US. Considering I hope to hit marine national parks on the East and West coasts of Southern Thailand, the extra hours will do me well. The rest is bus, very cheap transport to/from Bangkok’s main Southern, Eastern and Northern terminals and over-night train on the state railway.


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Here I go again on my own.

Miss you,