Constant Craving

Constant Craving

Do this experiment. Start peeling an orange, put your nose in the path of the rind’s mist, peel a packet loose and place it in your mouth, but do not chew… Your salivary glands dumped buckets out into your mouth whether or not you thought you wanted an orange.

Vegetarian Dim Sum House on Pell Street.

There is chemistry behind a craving. The body, as an entity, knows what it needs. And it knows what it wants. So I don’t question wanting Dim Sum in Manhattan’s Chinatown on a muggy, hot Sunday. There must be a reason why.

I know that somewhere in those little plates of starchy, salty bites, something is getting appeasing. Just as I know, afterwards, that the crossing into excess is a quick one.  IMG_6739

And then there is the allure of opportunity by proximity.

Lunch dessert at Babycakes on the Lower East Side, or what now seems to be called Erin McKenna Bakery.

And what’s in a name. “Eclair?” CP said not really.  IMG_6738

In other delights, the dandelion seed heads are in full effect in the backyard. IMG_6655_2

And I was disappointed to learn that I had no idea that the Irises were up. IMG_6668

Slow down, Spring.