Craft Time! Panty Hose Sorter

Craft Time! Panty Hose Sorter

Black stockings in a drawer all look the same. At a glance the opaque footless look like the sheer that look like the textured tights, etc. To add to this, my hose drawer exceeds maximum capacity, hiding some while making the rest more susceptible to snags. It is inside inefficiency where I see opportunity. As a organizational freak (different than the usual co-affliction: “clean freak” or the often mistaken “control freak” which has not much to do with spatial order but rather dictation of the use of space), I saw this as a problem to solve. After all, precious seconds are all we have and I like to make good use of them.

After searching for stocking organizers on the computer, I wasn’t impressed with what was available. I came up with the grand idea of making my own. So I had a photo shoot with my leg and bought myself some iron-on paper and a canvas door-hanging shoe holder.

I printed and trimmed my stocking pictures, prepared for a hot date with the iron.

No more confusion in my drawer! The iron-ons transfer vividly.

There she is! My own stocking organizer. Precious seconds back on my side.