Crossing the Mason-Dixon: Vegan Eats in Richmond, VA (Day 2)

Crossing the Mason-Dixon: Vegan Eats in Richmond, VA (Day 2)

There is nothing more fantastic than a tofu scramble in the morning… especially when you group the classic vegan breakfast with a good cup of Joe and the freedom of having the whole day at your disposable. No errands. None of the normal routines that eat up your day and your energy. Aaaaaah.DSC_0004

We headed to The Daily in Carytown pretty early. Because we can tell it was the kind of place that fills up fast on the weekend. Their scramble was delicious, especially since I said “hold the Daiya.” Vibrant spinach, cherry tomatoes, plenty of portobello mushroom… and the hash browns, tossed in a sprinkling of Old Bay. DSC_0001


While we were in the area, we headed to For the Love of Chocolate, a specialty chocolate shop brimming with all kinds of chocolate products, including their very own vegan chocolates.IMG_0603

I bought half a pound of all their vegan delights.IMG_0596

Richmond is so vegan friendly… and I am basking in the wonderful options. IMG_0605

These beautiful little morsels were divine. IMG_0608

“Vegan” etched on a box of chocolates = heaven.


After an in-depth tour of Richmond from The Electrician‘s architect friend, we all headed to Black Sheep for one of their huge sandwiches. A “whole” sandwich is 2 feet long. That’s 24 inches. None of us were that brave. Points for the name of their sandwich menu…IMG_0633


I got the vegan USS Wyoming: Pickled daikon radish & carrot, cucumber, jalapeño, grilled marinated tofu, cilantro & a garlic chili eggplant mayonnaise on a french baguette. Very Bánh mì. IMG_0637

It was soo good. . I ate all 12 inches of it, welcoming the fresh pickled veggies. Perfect texture and taste.IMG_0639

In between meals,  here’s a picture from my favorite part of the Richmond tour–visiting the two Airstreams that the architect power couple are gutting and updating. Besides them being super cool, Airstream are a model of efficiency and the unison of form and function. I want one.  IMG_0626

For our final dinner in Richmond, we headed to Ellwood Thompson’s once again for some groceries to grill and some sweet treats. I went to town at the bakery counter, boxing up a lemon and a German chocolate cupcake, a pistachio whoopie pie, and a chocolate almond cake pop for our hosts. IMG_0646

After a lovely dinner that was not photographed, it was time for one final stop for the evening. Strange Matter is a bar, venue, vintage arcade, and eatery with some pretty special vegan options. The Revenge was what pulled us in. That is vegan ham and field roast between two vegan grilled cheese sandwiches. You read that right! (Clearly I did not hold the Daiya on this one…)IMG_0655

I had to try this. Because I’m a glutton.IMG_0659