D.I.Y. Back to School, Posters

D.I.Y. Back to School, Posters

Yes, it is back to school time!

Last year I shared my D.I.Y. inspirational posters for my classroom. This year I am adding a few more.

For the library:
Vocabulary enrichment:

This poster format was inspired by a crafter who was selling it in woodcut form for top dollar (see here). I kind of love my version just as much.

And to add to the “can’t really post in classroom” pile but serving to inspire me:
Metaphors can be a liability.

Not age appropriate. 10 year olds should enjoy and experience the world first and foremost.

Complaints are the currency of the unimaginative and inflexible. That should be another poster.

Math Fabric!

After looking for a good math fabric for my bulletin board and not liking the results, I made my own! This is my first fabric design on Spoonflower. I think I’ll be making many more designs in the coming months…