Datenight: Family Recipe

Family Recipe on Manhattan’s Lower East Side has a satisfying assortment of vegan options, clearly marked as us vegans love. The Electrician and I shared a delectable meal after a horrendous drive into the city. As you may be able to tell from the “ambiance” lighting (a blogger’s pet peeve), Family Recipe is a bit fancy pants. So first, a specialty cocktail. I chose the one with mulled cucumber. What else was in the drink? I’m not sure. I think I just read “mulled cucumber” and decided I was in!DSC_0001

To start, their Eggplant Gobo Buns with a delicious spicy miso on some shredded veggies. Gorgeous and delicious. I burnt my tongue in my excited first bite. DSC_0003

These little rice buns can be filled with shredded newspaper and I’d happily take a bite. Soft, white pillow surrounding additional deliciousness, I scarfed these down in about 15 seconds. DSC_0005

Ah, entree time. This vegan large plate option was heavenly: roasted Cauliflower and Kabocha Squash Steak in a succulent pool of airy edamame puree with quinoa and crispy brussels sprouts for texture. I savored every bite of this dish. Look closely to see that edamame puree–that was unbelievably good.DSC_0007

Family Recipe is a great discovery! I would like to return for brunch because… they have vegan green tea and chocolate pancakes during brunch. Green tea and chocolate pancakes. I’ll be back!