Day 11 in Deutschland, Up the Rhine and Onto Cologne

Day 11 in Deutschland, Up the Rhine and Onto Cologne

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PicMonkey Collage1.jpgThis simple breakfast gave me the strength I needed to see the rest of the sites in Bacharach and then head north on the Rhine river. Some wheat Wasa’s covered in strawberry jam. They even had this Wasa-dispenser. Its bottom slides open to reveal a waiting Wasa. I want one.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpgForaging berries next to the castle, piling them neatly in my mud-smeared cloak. Ok, that’s not what really happened but I was thinking about it. This is Stahleck Castle, the view my reward for an invigorating, heart-thumping clime uphill.

DSC_0032The view from the river. Goodbye, Bacharach. I’ll miss you.

DSC_0048I’m off to Köln (or Cologne for you Americans) by way of river boat than train.

DSC_0058The ride along the river was filled with beautiful sites to see. Take a look:








I”m truly castle-d out. I left the river boat at Boppard and bid farewell to cobblestone. I would ride the rails to Köln, get some vegan eats, gape at the tremendous cathedral like a proper tourist, then continue upward tomorrow.PicMonkey Collage3.jpg Köln still had some medieval sights lurking about but was, for the most part, a proper city… with character and pace and vegan offerings…

DSC_0154Like Well Being, an all-vegan restaurant featuring familiar Asian specialties.

DSC_0161I had to try Asian in Germany. I was delighted that these familiar dishes were flavorful and fresh, topped with fresh herbs to boot. Here are my Bánh Cuốn, rice pancake filled with vegetables, veggie fish and sweet and sour sauce.

DSC_0163For dins: Curry Saigon, a delicious creamy coconut milk curry ocean with islands of organic tofu, sweet potatoes, organic pumpkin. Very satisfying!

PicMonkey Collage4.jpgAfterwards, though stuffed, I needed to hit all-vegan coffee bar for something sweet. Signor Verde is an adorable stop right outside the city’s southern train station. There are v-bombs a-plenty inside, which makes me want to take pictures.

PicMonkey Collage5.jpgI got a simple vanilla cone. After all, I was stuffed. I wish I had separate stomaches for dinner and dessert.

Tomorrow I will make it to that cathedral. I’m beat and need my rest. Thanks for checking in.