Day 9 in Deutschland, Busting Out With Rail Pass {Frankfurt}

Day 9 in Deutschland, Busting Out With Rail Pass {Frankfurt}

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DSC_0005It is time for me to bust out and go north on the DB, Germany’s train system. I bought a 6-day German Rail Pass to maximize sightseeing and deliver me snug to Berlin for my flight back to New York. Navigating a the system had its hiccups. I elbowed an uptight German man in the head real hard struggling to get my passport from my stowed luggage to show conductor. He was quite angry. But when I arrived in Frankfurt in a huge hangar-like train station, about two hours later on the express train, my embarrassment had finally left my face.

The city was alive, and as a first stop on my solo mission, a bit too large for my taste. A New Yorker is not that interested in seeing a city just like her own at home–and Frankfurt, Germany’s financial center, even has tall skyscrapers and an area that sounds awfully close to “Manhattan.”

DSC_0055Mainhattan. All hail the mighty Euro!

IMG_4739After checking in to the lively Frankfurt Hostel, I call a taxi to deliver me to my dinner location: Chimichurri, Frankfurt’s first all-vegan eatery. The place was crowded and so I sat at the front bar. The counter gals did their best to translate parts of the menu for me but really–when it’s all-vegan, I’ll eat anything.IMG_4737

DSC_0012I ordered the Ungarisches Gulasch in Paprikajus mit Marjoran dauz Nudeln in Peterlienrahmsauce und kleiner salat which translates to a Hungarian goulash with a small side salad. It was hearty, with layer vegetable patty in a flavorful sauce.

DSC_0013This was my first and only meal–and I savored every bite.

I woke up early to explore the sights without worrying about the creepy Red Light District inhabitants roaming about. Though my hostel is in an ideal location, right across from the city’s main train station, it isn’t the best place to roam about in the evening. But with the light of day and the commuter walkers and bikers heading to the skyscrapers, I purposefully shuffled along to the Old City, my hidden cheat sheet of Google map’s walking directions in my camera bag. With every step I realized I could lower my guard. By the time I saw throngs of Asian tourists snapping pictures I was relaxed and beginning to crush on Frankfurt.DSC_0016Frankfurt Historical Museum.

DSC_0018The beautiful Römerburg, the Medieval town square, restored to its original beauty after being destroyed in WW2.

DSC_0032A great shot from the Main river.

DSC_0035Many bridges all over the world are covered with padlocks engraved with lovers’ names, “love locks,” in a symbol of everlasting love.

DSC_0041The spectacular Frankfurt Dom.


PicMonkey Collage.jpgBefore I leave Frankfurt, I had to hit Edelkiosk, an all-vegan bakery a quick taxi ride away. Lucky me, I got the best taxi driver in all of Frankfurt to take me there, wait for me, and deliver me back at my hostel before check-out. He even took the scenic way back, switching off the meter to weave through the Old City, pointing out sights and giving me tidbits of the areas history. I got a recommendation of where to stay off the Baltic Sea, my ultimate destination before returning to Berlin to go home.

DSC_0061I picked out a cupcake to go and snapped a few shots of the bakery’s interior. The counter ladies were very sweet and excited to be featured in the world-famous Vegan Victuals blog. Haha. I’m kidding of course but they were pretty enthused.

DSC_0068My gorgeous and yummy cupcake on the windowsill of my dorm room. A mother and daughter from Barcelona were giggling at my taking its picture and, likely, the nose of frosting I put on after taking a bite. The texture was muffin-like with rich chocolate flavor. The frosting was like a whipped cream, delicate and smooth. A vegan cupcake in Frankfurt: done! Time to continue north.