Dear Panda Bear,

Dear Panda Bear,

Thank you for playing the Williamsburg Hall of Music when so many hipsters were out of town, Sunday, July 3, 2011. With this recent Noah Lennox fix, I need not stand outside of Prospect Park’s Animal Collective show later in the month.

Panda Bear collaborated with Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 fame last night, forefront to eerie projected images. This visual set-up seems to appease the multi-tasking Generation Mobile-Phone audience, some who reenacted vintage rave-party dance moves.

Panda Bear’s voice is complementary to the ambient melodies so characteristic to his music buuut… it mostly makes me miss the songs I love from Animal Collective.

The show was a dude-fest.

The highlight of the set, which was most if not all of his latest album Tomboy, was the familiar Comfy in Nautica, which energized the crowd to obediently pulse and pump along with the music.