Dirty South Vegan (Atlanta, Day 1)

Dirty South Vegan (Atlanta, Day 1)

DSC_0017With time on my side, I set off on a culinary exploration of Atlanta, Georgia. After all,  spring break was here! I was excited to escape New York… and to add another state to my veganvictuals headboard of sensual vegan eats.

And Atlanta has so much to offer! I was pleasantly surprised how many options the area had. I didn’t need Asian mock meats, Indian buffets, or pizza with Daiya on it. I needed proper Southern cuisine done vegan. Let’s do this! Starting with my breakfast stop: Radial Cafe

DSC_0014I had their Vegan Hash with a side of their House Grits… with a big cup o’ fresh squeezed orange juice. The Hash had tasty, marinated tofu sauteed with yellow onions, red bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, fresh sage and roasted red skin potatoes. What I loved about finally tasting this after a long morning of flying and driving, was that it was so flavorful. The veggies were diced tiny and kept their crispiness. Ok, a bit healthy for Southern cooking, but let’s go to the grits.

DSC_0015I’ve never had grits before (!) but I knew these were the real deal. Stone ground corn and its characteristic black flecks, creaminess overload. I wanna dip–uh, nevermind.

IMG_3042Had to zoom in here.

DSC_0024I was happy that Revolution Doughnuts was so close to my breakfast spot. Word around the interwebs was that they had vegan doughnut options. But like any traveling vegan learns, a vegan option baked good could be hardly worth the trip. Luckily, Revolution Doughnuts was mostly vegan!

DSC_0019I chose a raspberry glazed and a vanilla bean glazed. I buckled under a self-created pressure to order swiftly. I was, after all, down south. I did not have to jump the gun with my Yankee-mindframe. Had I composed myself at the counter, I would have order a cake doughnut and not two yeast-risen doughnuts!

PicMonkey Collage.jpgThe doughnuts were divine. Check out those vanilla bean specks. It’s all about the specks today.

DSC_0022So many vegan options, marked with the Ⓥ.DSC_0021

DSC_0027Time for an early dinner. Soul Vegetarian Restaurant II. Real-deal Southern soul food, all-vegan of course.

DSC_0025This is one of those vegan gems–all vegan, scratch-made, hearty eats from a place of positivity and wholesomeness. I had the lunch special: Their Chicken-baked “Kalebone” Steak smothered onion gravy with a side of collards, a side of mac n’ cheese, a piece of subtly sweet cornbread and a cup of ginger beer. The waitress said that this was the most popular choice!

DSC_0026Their “kalebone” (what an awesome name) is really their housemade seitan. The chicken-baked version was breaded with special seasonings and baked. I ate every morsel on this plate…

IMG_3048…because I eat the seed and fruit of the Earth.

IMG_3051Though this shot is a little flashy, the cross-section of the seitan deserves to be shown off.