Easter Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes

Transitioning back to Eastern Standard Time, I got myself back into the kitchen… for a sense of normalcy. I whipped up two types of cupcakes for an Easter event. First, these gluten-free beauties, VCTOTW‘s recipe.DSC_0004

With a huge bag of coconut from the Indian grocer, I opted to top these springy cups with a coconut-walnut frosting. DSC_0011

And for the first time ever, I made carrot cake. Ok, actually cupcakes. I subbed Greek almond yogurt for the soy yogurt in VCTOTW‘s recipe… which had me adding lots of soy milk to make up for the moisture. Thankfully, these cakes came out great: texture and flavor. DSC_0006

Topped with some cream cheese frosting, they were ready to go.DSC_0021

Cupcakes down and level of normalcy achieved!DSC_0026