Eat Your Heart Out [Busy Day Eats]

Eat Your Heart Out [Busy Day Eats]

DSC_0010Rainbow chard.

IMG_8555Salads aid fridge turnover: arugula; roasted white turnip, golden beet & carrot; and watermelon salad

IMG_8551Chipotle’s “sofritas” in a way-too-overstuffed burrito with lime and cilantro brown rice and guacamole.

IMG_8553Heh, they said “vegan.”

IMG_8530Pre-party eats at Pickle Shack in Brooklyn: fried oyster mushrooms with cocktail sauce.

IMG_8532Cecelia’s “ricotta” sandwich: garlic sauteed chicories, roasted butternut squash, sage leaves, and pine nut cream.

IMG_8533French fries and ketchup.

IMG_8495Took a trip to Coney Island with some of my students.

IMG_8519French fries and ketchup at Nathan’s.