Farm Sanctuary / Watkins Glen Vegan Ops

Farm Sanctuary / Watkins Glen Vegan Ops

Maywood Pancake House, in Maywood, New Jersey, is kind of a second location of Rutherford Pancake House (blog report on their vegan challah French toast is here). Both locations feature vegan breakfast options, which is far more a special than lunch or dinner options.  I was delighted to arrive here pretty painlessly during commuting hours, find angled parking right outside, and to see the v-bomb quickly upon entering. Food comrade CandyPenny and I had a substantial drive ahead of us. A traditional diner-style breakfast was just what we needed. A starch anchor, if you will.

The menu had “vegan” allover it. Maybe more so than the Rutherford location. I got vegan pancakes and had them add blueberry and toasted coconut inside them and bananas on top. To be able to order this… in a traditional diner… makes me really happy.  I’m in love with the vegan options in the unlikely places. In the background, home fries and a vegan Belgian waffle.
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IMG_0385We were on our way to visit Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. The farm animal sanctuary is 175 acres and home to over 500 rescued farm animals–each a sentient being, each with its own unique personality, each a story of survival and a symbol of a destructive and heartbreakingly inhumane system of food production. They are ambassadors to the 18 billion farm animals killed annually for food.


DSC_0044The peaceful grounds are gorgeous and tidy, well-maintained by passionate staff and volunteers. It was so wonderful to hear the personal stories of the farm’s inhabitants. As someone who went vegan for ethical reasons, it was reaffirming to see what a difference compassion can have in the lives of abused and exploited animals.






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DSC_0118The sanctuary is a very special place.

This photo was from my first visit to Farm Sanctuary in 2004. It was a picture of Dolly who I had “adopted” early on in my veganism. I came to the farm to meet her years after I had received her picture and rescue story. By then, she had aged many years and had a difficult time standing and walking. Not too long after my visit, she passed away peacefully. dolly

Another picture from my 2004 visit.2004-256

After our time at the farm, we headed into town to be amidst the NASCAR fans who were in town for the race. Last time Ms. CP and I were in this area we had the same timing, our trip aligning to the NASCAR event at the Watkins Glen Speedway. We had to sleep in the car (blog post is in the archives). Oh, follies. 4 years wiser we arrived to the downtown area, with a secured room our next stop. After eating of course! We hit the Farm Sanctuary-recommended Glen Mountain Bakery & Market for their clearly labeled “vegan” seitan sammies.DSC_0129

We both couldn’t resist paying homage to Farm Sanctuary by ordering the Sanctuary Special, flavorful strips of seitan, lettuce, tomato and sprouts with a kick-butt stoneground mustard and oil and vinegar dressing on the in-house made marble rye. It was zesty and delicious. DSC_0126

We walked a little down the main road, through the make-shift tents set up selling redneck gear and NASCAR junk, to get to The Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor, a fun shop with great vintage stuff up and down the walls, some seriously bizarre vegan soft serve flavor offerings, and a bit of that downhome charm you want to bottle and take with you.  PicMonkey Collage4

Though I could not eat much of this, I just had to get it–for your dear blog. Bubble gum flavored vegan soft serve. What?! Uh yeah. And it tasted just like Bazooka Joe original… cold, creamy Bazooka Joe original. I had never seen it before and I’ll likely not see it again. DSC_0140

I just love seeing the v-bomb all about.PicMonkey Collage3


Much more to see and eat tomorrow!