Final Day in California

Final Day in California

With a limited time before having to catch a flight, we seized the afternoon one last time with another hike in nearby Griffith Park. The park is huge, with a ton of different attractions set apart within the mountains. This time we opted for a short hike to see the ruins of the old Los Angeles Zoo. Though the park has a zoo that is operating currently, the abandoned zoo attracts many visitors. Shockingly small welded cages and stylized, painted rocks remain from its early years of operation, mostly built in the 1930’s under Roosevelt’s New Deal. Today intrepid human animals of all ages explore the crevices of the tiny enclosed habitats. DSC_0044






Seabirds Kitchen would be my final meal in California for now. Seabirds started as a food truck, appearing on the Food Network’s Great Foodtruck Race’s second season. Today, Seabirds sits pretty in the hip LAB Antimall.IMG_9972

Though they had a steep price tag, I chose the Artichoke Drumsticks. Huge breaded artichokes, these were not only an amazing idea, but they were executed perfectly. Crispy, artichokey, divine. I would have appreciated a creamy dip along with the maple mustard and hot sauce. Maybe like a creamy spinach dip. IMG_9964

You got to see a close up… Oh yeah. IMG_9971

Next, the Beer Battered Avo Taco: fried avocado, their Seabirds sauce, cabbage, red onion, lime. What a delicious and flavor-packed few bites! Wish I had another day to try other eats at Seabirds. I am very impressed. PicMonkey Collage