First Breakfast, Then Brunch

First Breakfast, Then Brunch

This weird article let me know that the 3 Brothers close to my home was not, in fact, the place to go to get Chef Jay‘s food anymore. The original owners sold the place. I am a bit relieved about this news as the place seemed to be lacking the magic it had a couple of years back (My 4 readers remember my post from 2009). It turns out the place was sold and drama ensued. In fact, their facebook page has morphed into a boycott page, managed by the old owners, with some pretty disturbing stuff on there. All you need to know: the real 3 Brothers was now in Farmingdale… and I had to get there.IMG_3811So I hit them up for brunch–because vegan breakfast options on Long Island are few and far between, save for bagels.

IMG_3812There new space is bright and welcoming. I got some savory (a tofu omelet with Daiya cheddar and broccoli along with a pile of yummy potatoes) and my GG got some sweet (French Toast with their delectable house-made chocolate hazelnut spread).

IMG_3816Potatoes are irresistible and were my first bite. My tofu omelet was light and fluffy and “eggy.” They tasted like Isa’s Vegan Brunch recipe (beautiful pictures from my try of that recipe are here). So darn good.IMG_3817Next time I want to try this with their cashew ricotta. And maybe sun-dried tomato.

IMG_3815This vegan nutella was unbelievable. They ought to jar that stuff.

This is the real deal vegan brunch from 3 Brothers Farmingdale. After this meal, the decline in the quality of food at the 3 Brothers in Rockville Center is confirmed. I’m following Jay.