Francine, Look at the Nature.

Francine, Look at the Nature.

Having a yard is like having your own park that no one else can visit… unless they’re invited of course. I love watching all the life go on in the yard. And I much prefer to see its critters than those urban critters (i.e. millions of people) in NYC. Then, there’s the flora.

Full frontal flora. IMG_0926

The Preying Mantis is so cool, eating his flies.

My mostly backyard videos. (The bird eating from my hand is from Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge and the circling hawks were in Bath, New York.) Look out National Geographic!

Another Mantis. This one camouflaged to the fence post.

Sorry, Mantis, for invading your space.

An elusive yellow Monarch, less flirty than the orange Monarch.

And inside: A cat high on catnip.IMG_0674