Gainesville, FLA

Gainesville, FLA

Gainesville is a university town, so you know vegan options are good… for them educated, idealist types. Starting early, breakfast: The Tempeh Scramble with potatoes, toast with vegan butter and housemade jam at The Jones B-sideIMG_2051

Good, hearty fare, but soy-saucey marinade made the dish a bit salty. And unfortunately I couldn’t stay for a sweet bite, though the v-bombed menu board was certainly tempting.IMG_2048

Despite the record high temperatures, my next stop was a farm. I was visiting Kindred Spirits Sanctuary to meet all the rescues, because it’s one of the best ways to spend the afternoon. The stories of the ___ animals are both devastating and inspiring. And the free tour offers a chance to meet all of the survivors.

Pigs seeking a break from the hot, hot heat.IMG_2055


Playful Kids looking for carrot hand-outs.IMG_2077

Sweet cowsIMG_2089



Jack asses and JenniesIMG_2196


Pretty eyes. (A blue-eyed “cremello.” Double-dilute (which I suppose is like having two recessive genes in humans) “cream gene” determines this beautiful combination of rosy pink skin and blue eyes)IMG_2172

Feral pig (and feral and domesticated friends)IMG_2126


Baby cow, sweetly search for the suckle.IMG_2148

A handsome turkey… who knew itIMG_2171

After, back in Gainesville, a well-earned lunch at Southern Charm Kitchen, a soul kitchen with a slew of vegan options.IMG_2169

I got the Country Fried Seitan with vegan mac & cheese and corn succotash. Vegan options and spectacular service = Southern hospitality at its finest.IMG_2173

Layered housemade seitan was moist and flavorful.IMG_2175

Karma Cream is one of those places you want to airlift and bring home. Tons of vegan ice cream flavors with vegan toppings that you definitely want.PicMonkey Collage

And baked goods.IMG_2179

My sundae: two scoops coconut ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, cookie dough and an airy coconut whip. Spectacular!IMG_2184


They even have Florida cookies, though this one was frosted on the wrong side. Doh! Still delicious.IMG_2198