Getting Back Together With Brooklyn; Industry City

Getting Back Together With Brooklyn; Industry City

In September, I long for this October feeling… when the dust settles and I’m back in the swing of things. Routines are set, classroom is running smoothly, and Brooklyn and me are friends again. Good friends, maybe lovers.  I begin to re-appreciate her, her beauty which can be overshadowed, and the comfort of being in her streets. I place her in front of things (a rising sun and all its color, a towering highway sign from the overpass), step back and watch her familiar smile. And she pulls me in again, like a moth to a flame.  

And when you love, you want to know more, to explore, to experience everything. All the say to the Gowanus Bay, where pretty big things are happening at the again-thriving South Brooklyn Marine Terminal. 

Industry City is now home to Brine & Dine, from the makers of my beloved Pickle Shack, which had my most favorite veggie burger. They also have a ton of other food offerings in their food hall and across the many repurposed buildings, along with great outdoor spaces to eat. 

Having run out of buns (darn), I was served the delicious burger in a baguette.  This burger, though scrumptious and packed with flavor, had a different patty than my old favorite. Most noticeably different, the mushroom was missing, leaving texture to mostly be developed from seitan. I will have a full detail report on this burger on my return when it will battle it out with Fogwood & Fig in my V.V. Burger Battle. Save me a bun, Brine & Dine!

Meantime, you know those huge chocolate chip cookies from the bakery?  The ones that are somehow so airy, but like a delicious oily airy?  That’s what their salted chocolate chip cookie was like. Heaven.

Thank you, Brooklyn.