Getting Out of the Kitchen

Getting Out of the Kitchen
I’ll be the first to admit that the end of the semester crunch has taken me out of the kitchen. I haven’t chopped more than a potato in weeks! I rationalize this lack of D.I.Y. by talking of the importance of supporting local joints offering vegan choices, lest we forget Mighty Diamond

To end a fabulous day of celebrating vegan-style (see ThanksLiving post below), the gang and I hit an awesome brand new sandwich shop close to my home turf called Boneshakers. The “Make Out Club” sandwich was delicious and just the thing to absorb all that excess chardonnay from Woodstock’s festivities. This place is a fresher, more tasty S’nice which I plan to frequent often. They also have plenty of vegan baked goods made on the premises, pictured below is their Earl Grey cupcake.  Delicious, fresh-made grub close to my apartment = heaven. Go there now.Besides having one of the most beautifully designed websites, Urban Spring offers those who wander into secluded Clinton Hill scrumptious and healthy treats. Below is a new take on the peanutbutter and jelly: fresh made cranberry preserves, almond butter and granny smith slices sit upon toasted sourdough.
I had been meaning to check out the Willburg Cafe for a few weeks now upon discovering they had a “tofu omelet”. However, the wish for a neighborhood veggie burger stand-by had me check out their burger platter. Besides the sneaking suspicion that the bun was not vegan, I didn’t really enjoy the platter. The patty was of the soft and gooey kind, which has its place in the vegan burger world (I’m thinking Quantum Leap‘s walnut and lentil burger.) But this one was bland and kinda early 90’s vegan. 
Kitchenette is not a vegan restaurant; pickins are slim by Columbia U and its predominantly grab & go style eateries. But their H.E.A.L.T.H. (hummus, eggplant, avocado, lettuce, tomato on “health” bread) is a perfect munch before class. Although, when you add the delicious garlic potato wedges to the side, it is a bit pricey. Of special note should be just how adorable the restaurant’s decor is. That and the servers’ sunny disposition is worth a visit alone.
Remember that potato I cut up? There they are below to the right. Roasted rosemary fingerling potatoes with the Wok Man-made KZ-signature sandwich. On the bread, a jazzed up veganaise: artichoke-garlic aioli, cilantro, lemon and peppercorn blend.
Because I enjoy baking so much more than cooking, chocolate chip cookies are never a chore! I managed to buckle down and churn out these for the trip north to Woodstock but could barely contain from eating the entire batch. It is so wonderful to me that the best cookies I ever tasted were made by me! As I am with reporting on all vegan eats and establishments, I am equally critical on myself. I will be the first to admit areas lacking in my own food ventures, but these cookies… they are making me rethink my career choice.