Goodbye, Brooklyn (Part 2)

Goodbye, Brooklyn (Part 2)

IMG_2405After another day of moving stuff at my apartment, a well-earned lunch at Bliss Grand. I wanted to come back for their Seitan Taquito. I ordered the large plate which included sauteed greens. The dish as a whole was super-salty.  The greens and the Daiya-filled taquito needed something to balance out the salt… and needed a texture to combat the wet, wet, wet. I was looking jealously at my friend’s crispy french fries.

IMG_2406I forget Daiya makes me sick to my stomach. Glad I’m not the only one. Vegan cheese… house-made or bust!

IMG_2409It had been a while since my first and only visit to Brooklyn’s Dun -Well Doughnuts. Even though I lived very close, I only managed to make it there when I was with vehicle. They’ve got the best vegan doughnuts in New York City. With 200+ flavors, I am way behind in tasting all they have to offer.

IMG_2410What to eat, what to eat…

IMG_2412We chose the vanilla iced and toasted coconut. Yummy.