Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

00_1977_02It’s time to bake a cake for mom day! Here is my beautiful Mom holding a pint-sized me next to my sis.

01_1979_02And here I am photobombing a very proper picture of my brothers and sister in their Easter best. This became a bit of a common occurrence as I would grow older. I used to steal my mom’s camera mid-roll and take pictures of myself sticking out my tongue. (And I used to press ‘play’ and ‘record’ to interrupt my dad’s mix tapes with weird noises.)

IMG_3583Forecasts call for a light dusting of cocoa and soymilk powder.

IMG_3584Vanilla layer cake with chocolate frosting, as requested by Mom.

IMG_3586I love Isa’s thick, fudgey chocolate frosting from VCTOTW. It reminds me of the cakes my mom used to make. Jiffy cake and frosting mix… in the little blue box.

IMG_3596A delicious bite. I highly recommend subbing Earth Balance regular for the coconut spread. It gives a subtle coconut flavor and a yummy shine. Happy Mom Day, Mom!