Heat Wave, Day 2: Summer Bruschetta

Heat Wave, Day 2: Summer Bruschetta

I kind of fell in love with this vibrant compilation of summer recipes. It got me thinking more creatively about what would be an tasty snack during these high temps. Easy, fresh, and colorful were musts. I diced some mango and basil and doused with fresh lime juice, the first summer bruschetta option.

Bruschetta number 2 was a diced avocado and jalapeno with a shower or lemon juice and lime zest. Not much tampering is required to create something delicious when one has a perfectly ripe avocado. Ah avocado, one of the Earth’s most perfect jewels.

Of course a sliced baguette drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt then toasted, brings both of these fantastic toppings together. The perfect pool-side snack.

And check out my Evil Under the Sun look. Now I am all ready to spend the day riding inflatables.

Is there anything more relaxing than drifting in the water with the sun on your back?

A hungry Bumble Bee feasts on lavender.

Sweet treats for all! This huge, gorgeous Monarch gets first dibs from the butterfly bush.