Holidaze is clearing.

Holidaze is clearing.

DSC_0002A few weeks before Christmas, I had grand fantasies of holiday treat-making for friends and loved ones.. And with a small stash of Medjool dates, those oh-so delicious vegan and gluten free Twixes from Fork & Beans were to feature prominently. The simple date caramel recipe is probably my most favorite recipe discovery of 2013. But alas, the stress of the season had me sick as a dog right at the start of my winter recess. I did wind up making a double batch after Christmas. Better late than never I say.

DSC_0008I think it is important to sprinkle a bit of fancy salt on top of these carameled cookies. It really increases their deliciousness.

DSC_0011And the pantry turnover is underway! I finally finished the foodgrade cocoa butter. I melted it along with some chocolate chips and baking squares. This was the coating for the amazing Twix. (Is the plural of Twix Twix? Could be.)

DSC_0022Part of the reason I didn’t feel a real urgency to make a bunch of treats was because I knew my Mom had ordered the motherload of vegan cookies from Vegan Treats! And what a treat it was! I lovingly removed a bunch from their baggies to make this display.

IMG_6020These cookies were a huge hit. And I still have a million left. Want some?

IMG_5978The Electrician and I relaxed and watched the Yule Log on Netflix.

IMG_5981My nieces and I played with a bunch of scantily clad monster high schoolers.

IMG_6018My favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Carol. Only this version. #Redemption