Homemade X-mas

Homemade X-mas

Without retail’s aggressive looping reel of holiday music and imagery, the Christmas season is quite a different experience. Without shopping, the holiday was streamlined to a single day with family (champagne and Trivial Pursuit) and not the weeks-long consumer marathon on the shelf since after the Halloween candy. I made all my gifts by hand this year: a concentrated week or so of embroidery, baking cookies and selecting songs for cd mixes ensured me an appropriate climax and closure of this year’s mad dash. Christmas is a tactile holiday; take it back with your hands!

Ornaments for the heads of established households (e.g. those with christmas trees)

An eye pillow stuffed with flax seed and dry lavender. Mmmmmm.

Owl crewel kit I jazzed the color up on, made into a pillow and filled with brown rice to reach the desired paper-weight weight.

Owls for all. Stuffed finished products were more impressive but I didn’t have a camera til December 26.
My “We Are Animals” mix artwork