I was so excited to see that Fairway finally had horseradish! I had never even seen the flavorful root before–just glass containers of Gold’s white and purple varieties. The real deal… and rung up mistakenly as the cheaper celeriac.

DSC_0007After gazing at it now and again as the week progressed, I finally processed it tonight. The skin peeled easily with the potato peeler.

DSC_0008Once it was bone white and smooth.. and its sharp fragrance tickled by nose, I cut it to chunks.

DSC_0010The chunks were ready to spin around the blade a bit. I added a couple of tablespoons of water and a tablespoon of white vinegar.

DSC_0014For some crazy reason I chose to inhale deeply as I stood over the processor and lifted its top. Wow! I still feel it in my eyes and nose. What a kick.

DSC_0016I scooped a bunch out to store and left several tablespoons in to make hummus with, adding our basil from the garden.

DSC_0018The hummus was very powerful however I expect the flavors to mellow out for snacking tomorrow. Going to overdose on horseradish this weekend, for sure. What else can I make with this stuff?