How My Garden Grows

How My Garden Grows

DSC_0028Some exciting happenings in my garden! My very first tomato showed its face. These are plum tomato plants, a favorite of my for roasting. I look forward to a fruitful harvest.

DSC_0032Purple skin of my very first eggplant! Discovering this made me giddy.

DSC_0035My Brussels plant leaves are proving to be tasty for the neighborhood bugs. But look closely to the stalk and you’ll see the blurry beginnings of Brussels sprouts!

DSC_0038We put some stakes in to tie up the tomato plants in the back which have been invading the space of my red peppers. No sight of a pepper yet but the stem shot up quite nicely after many slow weeks.

IMG_4116This isn’t part of my garden per se, but the Sweet Pea bush is massive right now, and with many blossoms. They are like little orchids.

IMG_4119The Black-eyed Susan is hanging out with the Sweet Pea. It also helps show the scale of this massive bush. This picture   shows about 1/4 of its entirety.