Humane Education / Humane Eats [Day 2 & 3]

Humane Education / Humane Eats [Day 2 & 3]

Days are jam-packed with learning. Luckily I am fed well. Here are the last couple of days’ eats, taken with my crappy camera phone. IMG_8933Mushroon no-quessadillas with nooch cheese sauce.

IMG_8934Homemade chocolate ice cream

IMG_8932Black bean and corn salad and pico de gallo

IMG_8961Root veggie sweet potato Shepherd’s Pie, salad and…

IMG_8957raspberry thumbprint cookies.

There is beauty everywhere… in general I suppose, but I am speaking of the grounds here. I found the most fascinating types of moths. And not to get too Silence of the Lambs, but I am so loving the range of forms I observed. Like first, this moth that looks like a rolled up leaf.IMG_8973

Then this one in beautiful pink and yellow. I’ve never seen anything like it.IMG_8968

And this guy with his long, extended mustache blending into the wall.IMG_8964

I’ve been eating out with new friends I have made here… so I am making social sacrifices. Like eating Daiya cheese. IMG_8985

Here is the big vegan pizza at Barncastle, a gorgeous Inn and eatery in Blue Hill.  DSC_0095

I’m on my last day and I’m ready for home… with a few vegan stops on the road of course. I’ll celebrate Independence Day back in New York and then start a midwest adventure, eventually to hit my 48th state: North Dakota. Oh yah.