Humane Education / Humane Eats [Day 4 and Homebound]

Humane Education / Humane Eats [Day 4 and Homebound]

Lunch on Day 4 was a pile of veggies. Or–a scrumptious and wide variety of well-cooked vegetables covered in a delicious peanut sauce, in pile form.

And paper-thin chocolate chip cookies that were almost tuile-like. IMG_8989

I’m going to miss these freshly prepared, flavorful vegan lunches… and these beautiful grounds… and inspiring people.IMG_8991

But it was time to drive home. After a full, final day at the Institute, I set off south, determined to combat Hurricane Arthur (which had my whale watching expedition cancelled) to at least make it to Boston. But first, meeting up with an Institute-er/new friend in Brunswick, Maine, a strolling New England town with sophisticated (yet pricey) vegan options. DSC_0097We met at Henry and Marty to dine on their local-made black bean tempeh from MOFGA-certified Lalibela Farms.

DSC_0095The dish, which was–as lunch was–a pile of vegetables, was vibrant and flavorful with great textures. The tempeh was outstanding, delicate yet sturdy. It feels so good to eat dishes like this. During and after.  Now I was ready to hit the road.

And hit it, I did–another 6 hours all the way back home, road warrior-style.