I Want My Father’s Day Cake!

I Want My Father’s Day Cake!

Remember this? Creepshow was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Having older siblings, I began watching horror movies at a very young age. Who knows the psychological effects this has had on my development and outlook.  Anyway, this past weekend was Father’s Day! So I wanted to try something different for my Dad. You see, he is always trying new things. While the rest of my family shy away from vegan foods (even after 15 years of veganism), my dad always gives it a try. And when we order in on birthdays and special events, he rarely gets the same thing twice. I decided to whip up a special bundt cake to honor his adventurous tastes. But it also had to be good… So I tried Hannah’s Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake.

It was a gorgeous and delicious batter. I wanted to drink it. Thank goodness I do not use egg in my baking as I’d sure to be infected with salmonella with the amount of raw batter and dough I spoon in my mouth. I improvised with the recipe a little bit, being short on yogurt, by adding more milk to the batter. Though the cake was a pleaser, this small change watered down a bit of the cake’s sweetness and affected the texture. That’s what I love about baking. The precision required.

The lemon glaze was nice but a thick opaque dripped glaze would have enticed my family a bit more. The thinness didn’t present well.

How I love a good marble! The thinner blueberry batter made thin blue ribbons in the remaining thick, lemony batter. Next time, FRESH blueberries for a better bunch of blue!

My critiques aside, the cake was a big hit! A tasty summer cake–zesty and lively. Now, I better start brainstorming for dad’s birthday cake next month!