I want S’more

I want S’more

Sometimes I make enough cupcakes, enough that I have to drive to work. With a staff potluck and a bake sale that I organized, this was the case this past week. Both events called for a special load of cupcakes. I opted for the nostalgic s’mores combination…

Graham cupcakes, aquafaba marshmallow fluff centers with a rich chocolate ganache topped with a vanilla buttercream then garnished with a graham cookie and torched marshmallow.
Biscoff are perfect substitutions for honey-free graham crackers, which are a little difficult to find.

The gorgeous finished product.

These babies went quickly at the bake sale. In total, me and my gang of 5th graders raised $414.50 for The Elephant Sanctuary in a little less than an hour and a half. (See more on the sale here.)

Then, with more marshmallows burning a hole in my pocket, s’mores pancakes for dinner.

Packed with mini-marshmallows from Dandies.

Ok, time for a marshmallow hiatus…