In the 4-0-1

In the 4-0-1

Julian’s in Providence, Rhode Island has fantastic vegan brunch options. Traveling to another state for veggie dining adds a bit more pressure to the ordering process. There you sit with a long list of delicious-sounding options–sweet ones, savory ones, personal favorites–but you must only have one.

Luckily at Julian’s you can order a half portion of their St. Jamez ‘Benedict’, a tofu benny among the best I have ever had… fried tofu ‘egg’, garlicky spinach, & vegan hollandaise on a soppy saturated piece of Italian bread, and one singular slice of their vegan cinnamon orange French Toast. Both hit the spot perfectly, satiated me fully without being too-too much. Julian’s makes mean vegan versions that illuminate just how lacking New York City is in certain vegan areas.

Like No Udder is the world’s first vegan soft serve truck. The roaming truck offers vanilla, chocolate and vanilla-chocolate twist vegan soft serve with a variety of toppings. The soft serve’s texture is creamy and the color– stark white reminiscent of my childhood fixation: Carvel. I hope Like No Udder adds more toppings. I want to officially request marshmallow sauce and pineapple.

Wildflour is an all-vegan bakery stocked with the works! Sweet and savory scones, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, cinnamon buns, muffins, brownies, bars and breads… the place was a vegan treat heaven! I chose their Red Velvet cupcake.
Besides these gorgeously decorated cupcakes, Wildflour also sells some fantastic sounding juice concoctions like the Avocolada: avocado, coconut water, pineapple, lime and vanilla.

One of the reasons why I was all aboard the Megabus to Providence was Garden Grille. I went their last year and was so impressed by their food. This time was no different. A menu like Garden Grille’s is overwhelming. They have a variety of dishes that appeal to each and every taste bud. For a starter we got the Hearts of Palm cakes with the chickpea chipotle aioli to appease the salty, zesty and wish to dip.
For dinner: the eggplant rollatini: tofu-nut cheese wrapped in tender strips of eggplant on top grilled polenta cakes and a nest of garlicy spinach and drenched in Pomodoro.