In the Gray of Things

In the Gray of Things

And just like that, 2018 is 1/12 done.  Here’s to the color in the gray. 1) Fire in the sky.

2.) A complicated vegetable sushi roll with greens and pickled things 

3.) Summer-inspired vegan macarons from Confectionery! in the East Village: orange creamsicle, mango-lime, strawberry milk, toasted coconut, and jasmin

3.) I kind of love Brooklyn’s The Long Island Bar.  It reminds me of a bar that the Rat Pack would frequent. No frills, no pretense–strong drinks, low lights, and a bowl of fries.

4.) Blue restorative smoothie

5.) Mondays are difficult for most, but a handmade Ms. Z clay bowl makes mine easier. And a heart formed by hand. 

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