In the Grey of Winter–Color

In the Grey of Winter–Color

Rainbow chard. I wrote a long and rambling description of how beautiful these stalks are, how I handled them like precious art, before chopping and ingesting them… but it was a bit much. Trust me, you’d be creeped out by my love of these stalks and then I’d be embarrassed.

DSC_0009I cooked up the greens and made a slaw with the stalks. Each color had a different taste. My favorite: the white stalks.

IMG_6201Blood oranges are here. It is fantastic to me that blood oranges are in season in January, when we all need a little more color.

DSC_0015I used some juice in a marinade for my tofu. It was a bloody scene.

IMG_6220The ever-available banana is a great option for a sweet and hearty winter loaf. And why not, chocolate and banana! Sweet treat BFFers.

IMG_6221Besides these fancy swirls, you get the banana speckling to gaze at with each bite.DSC_0022

IMG_6226And more winter color: Morning 1, looking out in the backyard

IMG_6231Morning 2, view from the 3rd floor at PS 58.