Independence Day 2014

Independence Day 2014

I am glad to be back home for the 4th. Outside the Bennington flaps proudly.DSC_0110

Inside, I get started crafting my 50 States Commemoration necklace that will celebrate my spending time in all of our 50 United States. I visit #48 next week… leaving two more. I’ll let you guess which ones. IMG_8993

July 4th Eats: grilled chipotle Field Roast on pretzel slider buns, from-scratch potato salad and grilled-in-the-husk corn. IMG_8994

Once the sun went down, fireworks started all around the backyard. It’s nice not having to go further than the back porch to see the explosions in the sky.IMG_9025

The moon disapproves the brash show. IMG_9036

The baby raccoons take advantage of the fact that all outside cats were in hiding because of the fireworks. IMG_9041

They sure love cat food. IMG_9055

Happy Independence Day!