It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy

It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy

Sure, it isn’t really weather-appropriate to be craving Mac & Cheese, but sometimes the body’s pulls and pushes don’t make any sense. I’m okay with that. But to eat it twice? In one day? In one hot, muggy day in New York City? Sometimes I think in themes and it makes my stomach hurt.

The East Village’s S’mac Vegan Nosh with garlic, green onion and tomato. Savor it very slowly. S’mac has their own vegan cheese blend made up of coconut milk, rice Flour, potato flour, palm oil, organic palm shortening, Marmite, salt and pepper.

Here’s your close-up. File under “strange coincidence” that it is almost exactly one year ago that I visited this place for the first time, August 3, 2010.

Then for dinner I order up more mac & cheese! This time from Brooklyn Mac in Greenpoint, who delivers to my apartment. Brooklyn Mac uses the D-bomb, Daiya. I order the mozzarella-style with spinach and roasted corn in an attempt tap on some different taste buds.

The Brooklyn Mac folks are very pleasant and they deliver fast. I should really order a small but I have a minimum to make. No worries–I eat it all without restraint. So body, no more mac & cheese for awhile, k?