It must be the colors…

It must be the colors…

I have a crush on this blog. Andrea’s images and lists and self-generated art projects make Hula Seventy a major source of blogspiration. In homage, here are shots from my day of observing the colors around me.

Layered peeling paint is always a beautiful sight. This will be the focus of one of my summer photo projects.

Primary color duct tape door, Powers street, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Orphaned children on Manhattan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Restaurant in “Little India”, Houston Street, NYC

Imagine being the first person to discover the sweet pink melon flesh beneath the thick green rind? Heaven.

Inspiration for a quarter, C-Town, Graham Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The odd couple, 5th Avenue, NYC

Prince Flower, Green Dome, McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Should I stay or should I go, Bushwick Avenue, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Ma’s cookies, Merrick, Long Island