Italian French Toast

Italian French Toast

Sometimes, you don’t eat the loaf of Italian bread soon enough and it turns into stone, like some food fairy tale. But there is a way to revive it, give it a metaphorical kiss and transform it into Prince Charming. IMG_2452

First you cut it into little discs, not too thick so that it can fully soak a simple French toast batter. I winged my batter–soy milk, chickpea flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, cornstarch, salt, nutritional yeast. I used an immersion blender to fully dissolve cornstarch, leaving no lumps. Dissolving cornstarch by hand is kind of a pain in the arse.   IMG_2453.JPG

Let them soak really well, at least 10 minutes, flipping once. You can heat up the pan during the last 5 minutes. IMG_2455

Then get to cooking. Delicately flip them with a pair of tongs. You want a golden and delicious looking brown. IMG_2457

They ready to serve. Yay, for another way to eat bread, the staff of life. Don’t forget the pure maple syrup. IMG_2461