It’ll be so long until it’s soon; it’ll be so long until it’s June.

It’ll be so long until it’s soon; it’ll be so long until it’s June.

There are signs of the end of the summer season that teachers are highly attune to.  They’re small things that collectively gain power in quantity.  Cicadas, REI’s Labor Day sale, football teasers, Halloween candy, a bunch of meaningless games for The Mets because they didn’t make the play-offs, summer clothes on clearance, hearing from other teachers again, the last surges of motivation to complete personal goals set in June, the desire to squeeze in more day drinking, etc.  It’s that time of the year.

Summer is ending. I know for sure, also, because I am in Brooklyn more.  Here, (end of) Summer Rolls after a long day of moving my classroom contents into temporary storage. At my old Thai haunt a couple of blocks from my, now, old job.  After 7 years, I am moving on to teach middle school math. I am all kinds of emotional about the transition.  But excitement gets the largest pie segment.  IMG_3489

The FedEx Cup is another sign of the end of summer.  This is big deal Jordan Spieth.  I don’t even pretend to see the golf ball.  I like to watch the physiology of the swing, specifically the man back.  A man’s back is most of a man, physically.IMG_2847

Usually the week before Labor Day would be reserved for setting up my classroom for a new year of students. But this year it was like demo day.  IMG_2853

Back to school is also back to making lunch for the week.  Kale sautéed in coconut oil is just perfect in every way.

And some final indulgences: Sweet & Sara’s S’mores.  I love these treats so much. Mostly because they remind me of my favorite childhood treat, The Scooter Pie.  Speaking of, maybe I’ll try to make them againIMG_3496