January is a blur.

January is a blur.

I feel like January always flies. In the gung-ho of setting productive routines for the new year, time is used optimally. And so it is moves swiftly. Here are some photos of its food choices.

I did a week of gluten-free-ness, which started with these gluten free pancakes. IMG_4255

And my lunch, soba noodles and a bunch of crispy veggies with a orange miso dressing.IMG_4267

I ended the week with what I had been craving, a big bowl of pasta with garlic bread. It was so good that lil’ Chipwich wanted to join us.IMG_4292

Rainbow carrots. If I see them available, I buy them. These bright, beautiful babies would roast lovely but only after some coriander and cumin seed precip.IMG_4301

Doused in a lemon tahini sauce–delectable.IMG_4306

And more roasted veggies–fingerlings and the almighty Brussels mingle for double deliciousness.IMG_4308

And with my ton of pumpkin butter I made from scratch, I made us waffles for dinner. There’s nothing better than sweet breakfast for dinner on a cold winter’s night. IMG_4316