January Recap

January Recap

2016 is 1/12 complete.

January is new routines inside old comforts, like the best vegan chocolate chip cookies: your own.IMG_5977

It’s taking care… with a Long Island rec. center membership bonus: nobody in the sauna with you.

It is having fire with the snow… with tempeh.IMG_6159

It’s inspiration from the ground; the potato plays nicely with everybody.

It’s ever-expanding comfort zones.

It’s morning walks.

It’s wrapped in pink sometimes.IMG_6255

It’s watching the show from the window seat…IMG_6243

and staying on the sunny side.IMG_6286

Finding your roots…IMG_6329

in all its different colors. (Blankoma or white beets are super sweet and less Earthy. Why have I never had these before?)IMG_6332

It’s taking what you need from before, and tucking the rest neatly in colorful boxes. So there’s room for more…PicMonkey Collage