June Traditions

June Traditions

My bag packed for the 5th Grade overnight trip, I had my sweet tooth covered. But that’s about it…

It would be our last year at Club Getaway, so we’d have to make it count. This included sneaking off from my group to take scenic pictures. 

Things to climb. 

Dandies to torch. 

And more pond-gazing. 

More June: Mermaid Parade again this year means I’ll be crafting. 

I’m very happy with how my mermaid top came out! Well worth the burns I sustained from the hot glue gun. The secret is Le Mystere Tisha under it all. Notice the fishing lures and the (my late grandfather’s) Captain’s hat above. I imagined, as I created my costume, that my mermaid character had fallen in love with a fisherman in an unfortunate twist of fate. 

Cabana style–Ray-Bangs, Evil Under the Sun beach hat, and Bronx Brewery Summer pale ale

The ocean, with a side of seaweed salad

In better late than never fashion, I finally planted some things in the garden bed. Just basil and tomatoes. What else do you need?