Just Some Vegan Meringues, No Big Deal

Just Some Vegan Meringues, No Big Deal

I recently acquired a Kitchen Aid stand-up mixer from my Mom. It was hers and now it’s mine. Though I have borrowed it, using it to make vegan Moon Pies, I am really happy to present the first sweet treat from the Kitchen Aid that is now all mine: Vegan Meringues!

I beat Egg Replacer like Hannah Kaminsky told me to–at full speed and with patience. Low and behold, fluffy white peaks… and no egg.DSC_0102

Pretty stiff stuff.DSC_0105

I tried doing some free-form merengues but boy, they were a wreck. I decided I’d pipe them and do the fluffy batter justice.DSC_0112

They cooked to a perfect, airy crunch. DSC_0100

Porous and light, because I whipped all that air in.DSC_0102 2

Now what was I going to do with this ton of vegan vanilla merengues??DSC_0114

I got it! Take pictures of them!IMG_9091

I was so happy about how they came out. Kitchen Aid, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. [Want very easy recipe for these beauties? Buy this.]